“In the quest to understand your purpose, your biggest clue lies within your greatest struggle.”

“In the quest to understand your purpose, your biggest clue lies within your greatest struggle.”


River Flows In You

In listening to a beautiful piece of music there is this effortless alignment of my infinitely tangled inner experience such that a part of me that was so mixed up in everything else is finally freed up to be felt and expressed as was always intended. It is a brief taste of freedom.

The Last Poem

I need a poem so stunningly beautiful

That it self-destructs

I would guzzle such a poison that annihilates the reader

Where each verse joyfully burns away my weathered skin

Leaving no aspect of this reality unchallenged

Upon reading such a creation I rise above this body

And witness the mortal me

As the entirety of his existence

Dissolves into nonsense

Quickly, a desperate escalation of his pace

As the emptiness hunts for him

With each step he pushes against crumbling stones

His fingers claw into the earth with all that he can muster

Still, he falls into that unrelenting blackness

Wailing and Flailing

The pounding wind from the decent

Soon becomes as still as a vacuum

All perceptions are left floating

Empty and resting

His surroundings become irrelevant

And I can’t tell if he’s still falling

Nor can he

Differences dissolve

And our true nature resolves

It is the merging of that which was never apart

Oh to have such a poem

Freedom packed into rhyme

Infinity captured within time

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