What If Everyone You Loved Passed Away At The Same Time?

If you can excuse the morbid tone of this question you will find that Eckhart Tolle gave the most beautiful answer when this question was posed to him.

Gautam Sachdeva was having a conversation with Eckhart during a time when his Grandmother had just recently passed away. With this in mind he noted to Eckhart that whenever someone you love passes away, there is a vacuum created. Not just a physical vacuum because they are no longer here, but an internal vacuum. So he posed the question to Eckhart:

What would happen if everyone you loved passed away at the same time?

Eckhart looked at Gautum, smiled, and replied “That is a wonderful question. The answer is astonishingly simple.”

“That’s what Enlightenment is.”

This may seem like quite a strange response. But what he meant is that when you no longer derive a sense of self from anything, or anyone, you are enlightened.

When I tried imagining this scenario it was quite a beautiful experience. I was not imagining that everyone had just passed away, as that would be incredibly sad, but that they were simply no longer there. I went a step further and imagined that I had no possessions, and no job. I had nothing to call my own.

As I was walking back to my car with this scenario deep in my thoughts it was like I had no reason to put one foot in front of the other, but yet I was still walking. If there is no one, and no job, and no things, where am I going? My attention was then so effortlessly drawn inward that I felt this powerful presence. It was such a blissful state. I can see that true joy does not come from doing, but from simply being.

Here’s the link where Gautum describes the conversation.


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