Why have we designed our lives to be filled with so much mind numbing routine?

I am pretty sure that no one enjoys it. Though I can see how people get comfort from it. Having a routine creates the illusion that you know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. But it’s this banality that stifles any real human progress.

Jason Silva described it as egonic adaptation in his signature shots of awe video called Awe. “We have eyes that see not. Ears that hear not.” We live in those pathways that are already mapped in our brains and don’t actually live in the real world at all.

I can feel it every day that I come to work. I drop my daughter at daycare, then I drive to work, travelling all of the same roads every morning. I listen to the same radio station. Come to my desk and take off my jacket and boots. Put my lunch in the fridge and then go get my medium double double from the cafe. Finally I come back to my desk and start to work. Or often become disinterested in my work and write something like this post.

But even this writing exercise is starting to feel routine.

I actually don’t understand how everybody else doesn’t feel the same way. Everyone pluggin’ away in their cubicles, headphones on, staring at their monitors, completing some excel spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation. Doesn’t anyone else feel imprisoned by all of this? I mean no ones forcing me to do this but I have been on this path for so long…

I long for everyday to be original.

I want to do something creative.

I want to fully appreciate my surroundings.

I want off of this assembly line way of living!

As each day passes I feel closer and closer to making big changes in my life but I am still frightened by the possibility. Without this revenue stream we would definitely have to sell our house. I would have to find some other way of making money but I don’t even know what I want to do. I would be impacting my families life without any kind of plan.

I do have ideas that pop into my head from time to time like:

  • There’s an outline of an epic novel that I want to write though with limited writing experience I am not sure I could ever adequately recreate what I am envisioning.
  • There’s an idea about redesigning the art of brainstorming using my knowledge of spirituality to help everyone access their true creative side.
  • I had an idea about using data from social networking sites to map spiritual trends around the world.

But for now I just continue to practice my spirituality and my patience. Perhaps if I am completely silent my next steps will be revealed to me. Or maybe not, or maybe they already have…


2 thoughts on “Why have we designed our lives to be filled with so much mind numbing routine?”

  1. To write because you feel called to is enchanting.

    To write because your fun project has turned into an obligation is ego.

    To recognize the days where ego is pushing you to type and then to step away from the computer and get back to center is rejuvenating. There is no obligation here – just freedom.

    To write about the struggle is a glimpse into the beautiful mosaic of life.

    What if silent patience is not what’s next on the agenda? Storms that shake the branches, removing old leaves and sticks; leaving room for the sunshine to beam into the tree in the spring. A storm that will leave space for nourishment.

    Trust in the patience. Trust in the storms. It’s all beautiful.

    Graham, are you still questioning why our lives are filled with mind numbing routines we ourselves created? Is the storm coming to take the routine away? You are the creator.


    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment Janet. I have grown in my depth since writing this post though I still remain at the same job. The feeling still grows to make changes as I feel less and less motivated to keep the routine going. However to make changes that aren’t well thought out would be asking too much of my family.

      I try to practice acceptance but perhaps I don’t fully understand what that means. I assume it means to fully participate in your life without resentment, though if I am honest resentment still exists. Hopefully, when the time is right for change it will become obvious.

      My wife had asked me last night what I would do if money was no object and I answered writing in my blog. But with a very modest following I am not sure of the practicality of that.

      I often think if I was fully developed spiritually I would be perfectly happy whatever I was doing. So should I make changes or stay where I am? Many questions, few answers.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write such a detailed comment. Have a great day!


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