It Shall Be

Once a spiritual realization has occurred you must then let it go. Never summon it with thought. Don’t let it be a tool in hard times. Simply trust that it’s there and it shall be.


3 thoughts on “It Shall Be”

    1. Thanks for your comment Home and Spirit! I will do my best to answer. A problem I found in my approach to Spirituality was how I handled those moments of peace after a truth was revealed to me. For example when Eckhart Tolle said “True forgiveness is realizing there’s nothing to forgive”. The first time hearing those words blew my mind, stopped my thoughts, and brought me a wonderful peaceful feeling. As time passed and that peace started to wane I began to look into my memory in an attempt to repeat the circumstances that gave me that amazing feeling. I began to conceptualize it. And I could never recreate the situation perfectly and would become anxious and frustrated. It’s largely because the spirit doesn’t exist as a concept. Concepts can only point to the spirit which can not be described. If you’ve heard of the Tao Te Ching it states “The Tao that can be named is not the real Tao”. What I am trying to say above is to just let the pointers point and to trust the process of life. By adding an element of acceptance to those revelations the effects may be longer and more powerful.


      1. I now completely understand where you are coming from! I have had similar experiences on my spiritual walk. I learned not to get hung up on trying to recreate the experience. To me I compare it to war…it’s like trying to force something to happen. One way that real peace happens is when you let go of the idea that the experience doesn’t need to happen for me to feel peace but that peace and love is always there. Also, experiences will happen from time to time anyway. Thanks for explaining this so well! Namaste 🙂


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